Services performed in the field with own labor and specially trained teams in Filters to control air pollution. We do not outsource tasks.

Reforms / Upgrades / Retrofits
Technological upgrades
Mounting and Mounting Supervision
Engineering and Consulting Services
Maintenance Services in the field with OWN TEAM
Manufacture and Assembly of New Equipment
Inspections and Diagnostics
Engineering Support
Spare parts of all technologies
Supply and replacement of collector plates
Repairs and alignment of collector plates
Supply and replacement of emitting electrodes
Repairs of carcasses, ducts, hoppers, etc.
Supply, replacement, and / or repair of the complete
New Beat System Designs
Distribution of gases, aiming at a uniform flow of gases in the precipitator

3D Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation (CFD)
Manufacture in general – OWN FACTORY
Turn-Key supplies.

Cutting-edge technology

Electrostatic Precipitators – Dry
Electrostatic Precipitators – Moist
High and Low Pressure Filter
Dampers, Disco, Guillotine, Venetian, Butterfly, Bypass, Frying Pan
Microprocessor Controller and High Voltage Control Panels
Spare parts for all technologies
Technological Update Projects for all types of technology